Found a Name!


New Name and Evolved Theme – I finally found a name and have really started to evolve the theme for this game!  The domain is available and the theme and new card layout are feeling good.  I want to sleep on the concept just a bit longer before sharing it with my inner circle for […]

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Researching Production

We have had substantial downtime due to moving locations, but the move is over and the train is revving back up! I had a great conversation with a very large playing card printer and was given a reference to another company that appears to be a great fit.   Looking forward to having a conversation with […]

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Where the Game is At So Far

There has been steady progress over the past month or two on the collectable card game design prototype. This is what has been accomplished so far: There are 75 cards designed to date. A pretty extensive game model was worked up with Excel and some state diagrams. A computer simulator was written to automatically playtest […]

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