Found a Name!


New Name and Evolved Theme –

I finally found a name and have really started to evolve the theme for this game!  The domain is available and the theme and new card layout are feeling good.  I want to sleep on the concept just a bit longer before sharing it with my inner circle for feedback and then locking down the domain and rolling with it.

Still, it feels good to have made progress on that front!

The new layout is really exciting too — it’s way more cool and I think hits the target demographic!  I now have an intro story that I can storyboard and even have a cool concept for the rule set.

Card Manufacture

I’ve had a couple of phone calls with various card manufactures, and they were quite educational.   The big dogs don’t really want to spend time with you (though they have been gracious in doing so), so it’s a bit difficult to come up with a revenue model.  They know that there are only a few worthwhile collectible card games (CCGs) out there, and all the rest have flamed out.   So spending time on yet another start-up most likely to fail probably gets old.  I get it.

Revenue Model

Without a revenue model, it’s difficult to determine the opportunity cost in pursuing this versus other ventures.  The reality is, even if the game is good, it may not be worth it.

The good news is I was able to get rough print costs elsewhere, so I am able to proceed knowing that I am not headed into a rabbit hole.   Well maybe I am, but at least I know that I am.  :)  Since the domestic guys aren’t really wanting to talk unless I have large orders, and I am not interested in printing offshore, it looks like my path ahead and the costs of getting rolling is becoming clear.

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