Where the Game is At So Far

There has been steady progress over the past month or two on the collectable card game design prototype.

This is what has been accomplished so far:

  1. There are 75 cards designed to date.
  2. A pretty extensive game model was worked up with Excel and some state diagrams.
  3. A computer simulator was written to automatically playtest a portion of the model to get a feel for how balanced the game is, and to give some useful statistical feedback to determine how the game might be tweaked.  Pretty cool watching the game get played a million times in a few seconds!
  4. A _very_ preliminary art concept has been worked through, in order to get us to playtesting (I’m not happy with the art or card layout at all, but it’s good enough to get us to the next phase)
  5. Have printed and made several sets of playtesting cards.  So far each set has been instrumental in getting the game closer and closer to where it can be properly playtested by independent gamers.   Each set so far has been scrapped due to making tweaks based on very early feedback or design issues in the printed cards.   The game is getting closer to “stable” but there is more iterating to do!

So what are next steps?

Currently I am flushing out a business model in order to make some early decisions on which pieces of the process to buy and which pieces to build.  Certainly there will be some exploration in a licensing arrangement, but the current vision is to manufacture the game in house and create a card game company from the ground up!  Honestly any talk about licensing or even producing cards is way premature until this game has been properly playtested to see if it’s even a “go”.

I am working through acquiring a domain name.   This is not one of my favorite things to do.

Just printed off a round of cards and will be looking to playtest it soon.

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